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Jen brings a level of creativity to her work that is unmatched.
— Kimberly Lytikainen, Photography Client
Jenna brought so much fun and life to the photo shoot that I really don’t believe our photos would have come out the way they did if it weren’t for the life she brought.
— Connor Vincent, Photography Client
Jenna is the sweetest, most creative photographer I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. She takes any expectations you may have and exceeds them by a long shot! She turns any old joe (me) into a supermodel with the click of a button. A true talent this lady is!
— Francesca K., Photography Client
Jenna has had such a positive impact on the social media and design of marketing materials for both companies we hired her to work with.
— Janine Nesin, Social Media Client
If you are looking for a dynamic force to influence your business’ growth, then look no further - I cannot recommend Jenna enough!
— Julie Sarton, Social Media Client
Jen was nothing but professional, fun, and attentive throughout the entire process...If we ever had question or concerns, Jen was quick to respond.
— Stephanie Poleman, Photography Client
Jenna made me feel safe, understood, and absolutely beautiful! She executed my vision for the shoot perfectly; it was obvious her preparation was in depth and quite specific. Her talent behind the camera was and is obvious. She has an amazing passion for what she does which only enhances the experience of working with her as a photographer and editor. If you’re looking for professionalism, kindness, timeliness, patience, and an incredible product, you’ve come to the right place. Jenna & JenRenPro are the perfect combination for any event/personal photography endeavor.
— Alexandra Gaines, Photography Client
She has helped on so many levels from social media, to blogs for our website to creating new marketing pieces. Her design work has been so creative and professionally done. I appreciate that she is easy to work with and attentive to what our objectives are for each project.
— Danielle Thew, Social Media Client
(Her) work is stellar, creative, beautiful, breathtaking. I want to share this talent with everyone. I love her creations and what they have accomplished for my business.
— Rhona Jordan, Social Media Client
Her creative eye is unlike any other, she’s beyond efficient and no small detail goes unnoticed.
— Forrester Fringer, Photography Client
Professional, easy to talk to and lovely to work with.
— Sherine Aubert, Social Media Client

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