Nervous For Your Photo Shoot? Here are 6 Tips & Tricks to Prepare Yourself

Orange County Photographer | Portraits, Weddings + More

Orange County Photographer | Portraits, Weddings + More

For some, everything about a photo shoot is exciting.

For others, it can be overwhelming.

The reason an upcoming photo shoot can feel overwhelming is because—let’s face it—you’re out of control. You can’t see what I see through the lens, and you don’t have ultimate control over how the shoot unfolds. So, here are some quicky and easy tips that should put you at easy mentally and emotionally before you step in front of the camera:

  1. Trust Your Photographer

    You hired me for a reason, and it’s likely because you believe that I am good at my job. Besides delivering photos you’ll love, I also take pride in making my subjects feel comfortable and confident during your shoot. Trust that I will be able to handle any and all weather circumstances, that I will quickly find and highlight your best angles, and be able to keep the energy up. From the very first shot to the last, you (and your loved one(s)) will be the passenger(s) of a safe, smooth ride. You can trust me!

  2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

    While I fully encourage you to get inspired for your shoot by looking at other professional photos that inspire you, it’s best not to get your hopes up to completely replicate another person’s photo. Think of how you can draw from photos you love (that could be the pose, or maybe the outfit or coloring)—and make them your own.

  3. Don’t Care What Other People Think

    Nine times out of ten, you’re going to be taking photos with other people around. Forget them. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just you and me (or you/your partner and me, you/your family and me) doing our thing.

  4. Enjoy the Moment

    As uncomfortable as posing in front of a camera can be for some people, remember that it’s not often you’re able to do so, and you should try to have as much fun with it as possible.

  5. Focus on the Things You Can Control

    These are:

    • If you’re able, don’t plan a busy day before your shoot. Make time to rest and relax so that you’ll feel rejuvenated for your shoot.

    • Dedicate time planning your outfits, because there’s nothing worse than being stressed and rushed before a shoot. Hear me: your discomfort will show on camera if you yourself do not feel comfortable in your clothing!

    • Make a playlist you love and ask me to play it for your shoot—I’ll bring my speaker.

    • Anxiety. This can be a tough one to control, but try your best to ask yourself if your anxious thoughts hold any truth. If not (which is usually the case), let them go. Ground yourself in the moment and enjoy the process, even if it is outside your comfort zone.

  6. Don’t Focus on the Things You Cannot Control

    This includes:

    • The weather

    • Last-minute outfit, makeup, hair or jewelry troubles (have a backup plan or two)

    • Crowds

I was inspired to share this based on many shoots I’ve done in the past where my clients always tell me how “bad this is going to be” or even apologize before even getting starting. I mean, come on! Never once have I had someone who started with this mindset end up killing the shoot, and loving their photo collection. Below are some photos I took of my best friend from college, Piper, who had similar pre-shoot nerves (key word: had.)

I hope this helps! What else has helped you get mentally and emotionally prepped for your photo shoots?


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