The 3 T's of Choosing Your Outfits for a Photo Shoot

Here’s how to choose the best outfits for your upcoming photo shoot.

Here’s how to choose the best outfits for your upcoming photo shoot.

iPhone pictures are cool and all (and rather impressive these days I’ll admit), but there is truly nothing like a heart-stopping portrait taken by a professional photog in an intentional setting.

Congratulations on booking yourself a real photo shoot to capture memories for a lifetime! Now is about the time when you start to realize,

Okay so I’ve found a photographer. Now I’ve got to start thinking about ME! What will I wear? How will I pose? What if I have an off day?

To the last two questions, I say: your photographer can and should take care of these with expertise and post-processing. So, don’t worry about those. What is in your control, though, is your wardrobe on the day of your shoot.

I am often asked by my clients what they should wear to their photo shoot, so I’ve created the 3 T’s of Choosing Your Outfits for a Photo Shoot. Enjoy!



For one of your outfits, choose something trendy. That’s going to look different for every age group, but if you’re relatively young (25 or below), that might be a 2 piece pantsuit with a cropped top, a romper, or fun accessories like ankle socks and scrunchies. Even bringing along a pop of color like heart-shaped sunglasses would be so fun. This is your chance to take risks and be bold with your outfit expression.



This is the outfit where you would want to include neutral colors, like black, white, and shades of gray. If it’s warmer out, you can opt for a little black dress (ladies) or a black t-shirt (guys). If it’s cooler, I recommend pulling in pieces like scarves, hats, coats and suits. This “T” is more about color scheme and pattern of the fabric, which, in order to remain timeless must be made to accentuate you, not to stand out on its own.


True to You

Lastly, be sure to include an outfit that is unique to your style, hobbies, or personality. This can include school uniforms, sports uniforms, and or a unicorn onesie. It’s so important to use the opportunity of being in front of a camera to capture not only your look, but your personality. This is another chance to take risks, but this time it’s more so to showcase your lifestyle, not just your personal style.


Even though it might seem like there is a lot of pressure to make this shoot perfect, there are only a certain couple of things that are in your control. The rest is in the hands of your photographer, who you will need to trust to take care of the rest! Time and time again, the best photos I have captured and created come from a subject who is confident and having fun. All you need to do is get some rest the night before, choose your outfits according to this guide, pump yourself up with your favorite music (or even bring it with you!), and be ready to have some fun!


Jenna Renee

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