Spring Break in the Sunshine State

travel to Daytona Beach

I have a feeling my version of "sprang breaaak" in Florida is a lot different than the kind you see on MTV. 

I spent 10 days in the sunshine state (Daytona Beach to be specific) with my more-than-a-friend friend who is a boy. I traded beaches and booze for Netflix and (probably too much) Chick-fil-A (if there is such a thing). What can I say? I'm an introverted introvert. Who loves chicken nuggets.

Things I learned while in Florida:

  • Gators are "not" everywhere, like people think (I still think they're hiding in the swamps...which are everywhere btw)
  • Planes can take off in monstrous thunderstorms...who knew! 
  • I kinda sorta really want to go back to school to get my Master's degree...I spent a lot of time on campus with Lucas and it made me realize how much I miss school (as if you didn't already think I was weird enough)
  • Breakfast for dinner is still amazing in another state
  • I need to try and take more landscape photos!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy some of these fun pictures we took at the Daytona Beach boardwalk. I had to buy the crop top when I spilled all sorts of vanilla ice cream remnants on my Levi's tee (see photos). Whoops. Maybe I did that on purpose? You'll never know.