Want Free Senior Photos? Apply to be a Senior Rep

Orange County Senior Photography - Senior Rep Program

Orange County Senior Photography - Senior Rep Program

Why pay for senior photos when you can earn them?

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore the concept of earning. If you’re interested in having me take your senior photos, my senior rep program is a great way to earn your premium photo collection.

How does it work?

Essentially, we book your senior photo shoot at the beginning of your senior year (if you’re graduating June 2020, we ideally want to get you signed up in August 2019). You’ll get to participate in multiple promo shoots with me and the other senior reps throughout the year for FREE (pumpkin patch session anyone)? Then, you use your platform on social media to refer me to your friends for their senior photos. Any time someone books photos with me and says you sent them, you get money knocked off the cost of your senior session.

The more people you refer, the more money you get knocked off the cost of your senior shoot. In a perfect world, your balance will be $0 by the time your senior shoot rolls around.

So, As A Senior Rep, You Can Earn:

  • Cash credits toward your senior session

  • Free group photo sessions with other JRP Senior Reps

  • Prizes like AirPods, Apple Watches and Polaroid cameras

Are you a Good Fit?

2019 Senior Rep Requirements

  1. Is a current junior or senior, who is graduating from high school or college in 2020 or 2021

  2. Is willing to travel to Orange County (or within 30 miles) for your sessions

  3. Is very outgoing, with lots of energy and personality in front of the camera

  4. Enjoys fashion, style, hair and self-care

  5. Loves networking with friends, is money-motivated, likes to work hard and hustle!

  6. Promote your images on your Instagram (profile + stories)

  7. Promote my upcoming shoot opportunities on your Instagram stories

    1. (You should tell your friends to use your name when contacting me to receive $ off your own senior session)

  8. Suggest your friends & family to “like” my Facebook page (facebook.com/jenrenpro), follow my Instagram account (@jenrenpro), and share information about my business

  9. Parents or legal guardians must be aware that you are participating in the JenRenPro Senior Rep Program. They MUST sign a model release permitting JenRenPro to use your images for marketing and promotional purposes.


Below are some photos from one of my 2019 senior rep sessions. This could be you! What are you waiting for? Apply right now:


Jenna Renee

It only took me nine months of working in the data analytics industry post-graduation to realize that I was destined for something greater.

Hungry for a creative career that enabled me to leverage the power of photography and social media—while capitalizing on an unrelenting work ethic—I turned my side hobby into a living, breathing business. 

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