Abandoned Carnival Adventures With My Love

Daytona Beach Portrait Photographer

Some days, I don't feel like shooting.

While I was in Daytona Beach, FL last week visiting my boyfriend, I promised myself I would set aside time to take some fun photos together. After days of relaxing (a typical day included a fat brunch made by me and a perfect dinner made by Lucas ((score)), with lots of Dexter and shopping sprees in between) it was hard for me to stomach the thought of getting my equipment out and driving to the beach to shoot. 

These are the moments I realize that photography is my expression, not just my profession. After a rather busy 2017, I gave myself this time to rest and reflect, and that's exactly what I did. Lucas and I decided to make the trip out to the beach, and I am SO glad we did. 

We found this run-down, abandoned looking carnival on New Year's Eve, when we were walking the boardwalk waiting for the firework show. I wasn't sure how it would photograph, especially mid-day, but it ended up being super gloomy and moody and just perfect for the look I often go for in my creative photography. 

After looking at and editing my favorite shots, I just became so thankful for what I do, all over again. 

The freedom, the color, the capturing of a single moment that we can revisit forever is just the most interesting thing to me. I also love shifting my editing style, and finding out "who I am as a photographer." Lol so cheesy, and I've read it so many times in other photographer's captions and blogs, but it is so true. 

I'm realizing that it can take years to truly perfect your photography style, and I'm just trying to be present on that ride.