Miss Marni Persick | Portrait & Video Session


So...Marni is the literal personification of sunshine, it's a fact. Shooting with her last week was SO much fun, in part because she was so go-with-the-flow and had a ready-for-anything attitude, but also because we actually sat down mid-shoot for a cup of coffee. Anyone who understands my incessant need for coffee during (let's be real: most hours of) the day, is a quick friend in my book.

Marni is a thriving, independent boss lady—my favorite kind of person to shoot! Getting to know her over that cup of coffee was such a sweet treat, alongside grabbing some gorgeous shots for both her personal and professional life.

She is the perfect example of the importance of documenting milestones in your life. Marni even admitted to asking herself, "Why not?" when first considering getting her photos taken.

To me, there is no time in life that isn't worth documenting, whether that be graduation, family milestones, or any old Tuesday in between.

Check out a few of her photos, and the role she plays at up-and-coming fitness concept HOTWORX below:


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