What "Being a Pro" Means to Me (a Behind the Scenes Look!)

Senior Portrait Photography | Orange County, CA

Senior Portrait Photography | Orange County, CA

What does JenRenPro mean?

Since starting JenRenPro at the age of 19 years old, the name of my business has changed more than once.

I was fortunate to have a professional mentor and longtime colleague of my dad’s help give me the push I needed to take my business seriously. I will never forget sitting with her at a shopping center at a lake local to my area, her pulling out her wifi hotspot, looking at me, and saying,

Today, you’re making yourself a website.

I remember thinking,

“I’m sorry, you must be confused. I’m a kid. What do I know about websites, let alone how to fill it with my ‘business?’”

Still, within just a few hours we had run through multiple name and branding ideas on a yellow pad, and I left that lake with a domain and a name: JenRenProductions. Jen was for Jenna, Ren was for my middle name Renee, and Productions reprented the videography service I was providing at the time.

What started out as JenRenProductions shifted to JenRenProfessional as my service offerings expanded, and eventually to JenRenPro. Why JenRenPro?

To be honest, it was a natural development. The three letters “Pro” mean so much to me personally and professionally, so I absolutely love the path the name has taken to end up where it is today. Plus, people close to me started calling me JenRenPro as a nickname, so I knew it had the potential to stick.

What does “Being a Pro” and “Live Life Like a Pro” mean to me?


To me, there is no better sense of accomplishment than exchanging time for results.


I truly believe in trying to be the best version of yourself, whatever that may look like. Whether you’re a college student, stay-at-home mom, stay-at-home dad, a business owner, or a teenager—the growing degree of responsibility that develops as we grow up should be perceived as a privilege, not an obligation. Whatever your goals are, set them and get after it.


As the name would suggest, the evolution of JenRenPro has allowed me to look back and see how far it has come. This is one of the primary reasons I love helping people and businesses celebrate milestones with photography. Too often, people move forward without stopping to celebrate small and large wins. Having photos to document new stores opening, graduations, new life, new chapters, etc. is all part of the journey.


Of course, I could never forget where it all started! At the end of the day, my job is still to produce content such as videos, photos, blog posts, website copy and the like. For that reason, I love that the “Pro” in JenRenPro still slightly represents my starting point as a (super) young adult kicking off my journey into business ownership.

In Conclusion,

I am blessed to generate income by making people in front of my camera feel beautiful, and to make business owners feel capable. Really, I feel BLESSED. Whether you’re working a desk job, and loving it, running a business and loving it, or choose to separate your time as a “work hard, play hard” balance - do you! Do it well. Be a Pro!!!


Jenna Renee

It only took me nine months of working in the data analytics industry post-graduation to realize that I was destined for something greater.

It only took me nine months of working in the data analytics industry post-graduation to realize that I was destined for something greater.


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