Reaching Goals & Staying Un-Peer-Pressurable


When it comes to food (eating out, skipping workouts, etc.), friends (parties, trips), work (happy hours, shortcuts), school (a combination of all of these things)...I am almost completely un-peer-pressurable. 

I pretty much laugh anytime anyone tries to convince me to do something I already made my mind up about doing or not doing. Sometimes we always need to be pushed in the right direction to try new experiences or instill some extent adventure, but I have always prided myself in being able to just know what it is that I do and do not want. If you find yourself struggling with standing up to people, saying no (or yes) to things, or allowing other people to dictate your actions, here are some tips to becoming (and staying) un-peer-pressurable. 



I'm talking family and friends who know and love you, and genuinely want the best for you. Toxic friends who give you backhanded compliments or make you feel anything less than loved? Gotta go.


This, I've learned, requires a lot more than just setting a goal. There are sacrifices to be made along the way, but prioritizing your goals becomes an awesome "excuse" to lean on when it comes to making decisions. Know that you can constantly be taking steps closer to securing your sense of self. 


You can also be pressured into saying "no" to things that you might actually want to do. Peer pressure works both ways. So don't think this is just about saying no to things that hinder you from goals, but you might also have to learn how to say "yes" amongst peers who are quick to shut ideas, opportunities, or events down.


Ask yourself, after the fact, if you're glad or not so glad that you allowed other people to change your mind. Did doing something spontaneous feel right, and lead to an adventure you'd never have done on your own that you enjoyed? Great! Ask yourself how to recognize this type of "peer pressure" in the future. Did allowing others to influence you lead to something you regret or don't feel great about? In the same way, find a way to recognize the signs of this type of pressure, and avoid it in the future. Personally, I have hardly ever regretted not doing something that I didn't want to do from the start.


This is similar to my first tip, but from a slightly different perspective. In surrounding yourself with the best, you're surrounding yourself with people who love you, accept you, and to some extent try to or do understand you. Here, when we're talking about iron sharpening iron, I'm referring to surrounding yourself with like-minded people. If I'm with people who don't have the same goals as me, it makes me realize why I value to goals that I do. It puts things into perspective. So, in that way, the presence of peer pressure does me a favor by showing me what I do and don't want in my own life. Take that recognition for what it is. There's no need to run for the hills away from those who don't have the same goals as you, but to be the best, sharpest version of yourself, you'll want to spend more of your time with those with whom (yes I just used whom) you share a mindset. 

I hope this helps you sort out circumstances and people that can help you stay un-peer-pressurable, allowing you to become the most authentic version of your ambitious self. Have you had any experiences where these tips might have come in handy? Let me know!


Jenna Renee

It only took me nine months of working in the data analytics industry post-graduation to realize that I was destined for something greater.

It only took me nine months of working in the data analytics industry post-graduation to realize that I was destined for something greater.


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