Why I Choose to Balance Fitness and Business

Today, I mainly do infrared sauna workouts and spin classes, but my fitness journey has been a long and winding road.

Today, I mainly do infrared sauna workouts and spin classes, but my fitness journey has been a long and winding road.

Fitness & Business

What’s the big deal?

These two are more related than you think. In my experience, a healthy business stems from a healthy body and mind.

Also in my experience (hint: this article is written solely off my personal experience…I’m not a certified fitness expert by any means), an unhealthy body and mind leads to mood swings and lack of productivity, inspiration, goal execution and vision.

After two knee surgeries and a long journey toward finding an exercise routine that I truly enjoy, I thought I’d share the workouts I love to to do supplement my life as a business owner.

Interestingly enough, the studio I currently spend most of my time at was introduced to me when they asked me to take pictures for their website/social media platforms. The owner thought I should know what a true infrared sauna workout felt like, and although I was skeptical at first, I am completely (completely…repeated for emphasis) hooked.

HOTWORX (@hotworx_rsm) is a completely new fitness concept involving infrared heat (different than regular heat you find in a hot yoga class) and 3-person sauna rooms with various workouts led by virtual instructors. If you’re interested in all the details, you can read about it on their website. I’m just here to tell you why I like it, and also the other ways I incorporate fitness into my life.

P.S. This is not an ad. I’m just sharin’ my life.

Fitness Tips for a Busy Schedule

This is why places like HOTWORX work well for me.

  • Go whenever you want. Find a place where classes are constantly running so you can go on your own time. At HOTWORX, the classes are taught by virtual instructors, so as soon as the 38 minute class is up (some are even just 15 minutes), the next round starts. People jump in and out of the saunas throughout the day.

  • Find variety. Unlike other studios these days, this one offers like 12 different types of exercise! Spin, rowing, pilates, ISO, bands, buns, warrior, yoga, HIIT, to name a few (aka no more paying tons of money for a studio that only offers 1 or 2 types of exercise).

  • Keep track of after burn. My favorite part of finishing a workout is keeping my fitness tracker on afterwards to see how many calories I continue to burn (although, it’s really not a huge priority for me to count calories…there’s just something satisfying about it).

  • Choose workouts based off feeling, not numbers. As mentioned above, I find it more mentally healthy not to get caught up in tracking the numbers. I appreciate a workout that feels great during, but especially after. You learn to love the challenge.

Some Hotworx Cons (That Aren’t Really Cons)

Trust me, don’t let these stop you

  • No big class environment. Some people enjoy sort of disappearing into a large crowd during a workout class, or feeding off of other people’s energy. While HOTWORX doesn’t have a big class environment (maximum 3 people in 1 sauna), you can train in HIIT sessions with up to 8 people. Plus, I’ve found that I push myself harder when there’s fewer people, and make closer connections more quickly.

  • Virtual instructors. This was my greatest concern when I was considering a membership—I couldn’t imagine doing a spin class to the same video for days or weeks in a row! However, after doing it for a couple months, I learned that they come out with new videos every quarter. They do this to give you time to improve over the course of 3 months. It doesn’t bother me at all anymore! In fact, I kind of like it.

Other Workouts I Love

Every so often, probably about 1-2 times per week, I visit a different spin studio called LocoCycle (I’ve been going there for years and have come to love the instructors and the people), or do a leisure workout outside. That can be a hike, a long walk, or my dream workout that I haven’t really had the guts to try yet: roller blading (I’m laughing as I right this but also…I’m serious.)

So, if you have a HOTWORX in you area, I highly recommend trying it! For the price, it’s an insanely valuable membership and the community that comes with it even more so.

Whatever you choose to do, do what you love. I spent years running, forcing myself to run 3, 5, 8 miles…only to one day admit to myself, “Jenna, you hate running.” I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to lose weight or stay fit without running, but I was so wrong.

Never stop trying new things, ride out what you love, and be honest about what you enjoy. Happy sweating!

Below are some of the photos I took for Hotworx - check out their social to see them in action!


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