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Business Owner Photo Session

Business Owner Photo Session

Bloggers need Photographers, too.

I love business photo shoots. I love meeting the owners, with their insane dedication to their mission, to their art/practice, and to their clients. Hearing their stories of how they got started and how they’ve evolved in between shots and locations. Meeting Elise and capturing her beauty & passion for her work (I mean..this chick has a ruler tattooed on her finger 💇🏼‍♀️) was the highlight of my week, and sending off her collection last night was the perfect way to cap off a great month of September! Also, I may or may not be headed back to Huntington Beach tomorrow to shoot with her and her Nashville-based bae 🎶 Thank you for trusting me, Elise!

I didn’t know i could look like this 😭😍😍...for real though. You so caught ME, I’ve never had anyone capture me like that. You’re an angel.
— Elise Clifford, Hair Stylist + Colorist

Her Mission

I’ve always believed that feeling beautiful to yourself is the absolute most important kind of beautiful.

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Jenna Renee

It only took me nine months of working in the data analytics industry post-graduation to realize that I was destined for something greater.

Hungry for a creative career that enabled me to leverage the power of photography and social media—while capitalizing on an unrelenting work ethic—I turned my side hobby into a living, breathing business. 


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