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Orange County Blogger Photo Session

Orange County Blogger Photo Session

Bloggers need Photographers, too.

As a blogger or influencer, chances are you’re looking to use your platform to deliver value-added content to your audience. I get it. Everyone in your industry knows that growing an audience requires quality content, and quality content most often requires quality photographs.

For all your blogger, business and influencing photography needs, I can help! If content is your main goal, I recommend booking a Business/Blogger shoot every few months, so you can stock up on content for 3-4 months at a time.

Below is a gallery of my client-turned-friend, Madison, who was looking to re-launch her blog and amp up her modeling portfolio.

In a text the night after her shoot, she told me,

You made it so easy.
— Madison Roya

Photos shouldn’t be scary, hard, awkward, or disappointing (emphasize on disappointing). I LOVE that I’m able to make a photo shoot the opposite - exciting, easy, comfortable, and satisfying.

Want to book a session of your own?


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