My Favorite Camera (Under $500) for Traveling

I don't know what's worse: never knowing about opportunities that could have been, or reminiscing on the incredible ones you've had, knowing they've come and gone!

Well, if you'd like, I'm feeling a smidge nostalgiac and decided to re-gather and re-edit some old travel photos of mine from when I studied abroad a couple years ago. 

I tell students at every change I get, do it. Study abroad. (Or, just go abroad in general!) The program I went with was actually less expensive than my in-state tuition. If that isn't enough, here are some snaps from my time in Spain, Ireland, Italy, and the UK. Some were taken with my phone, others with my Sony a5100, which I LOVED because it had the flip up screen and took amazing video! (Shop this camera by clicking the photo, if you're interested)! This is not at all an ad, I just have a lot of people ask me what I used to get these captures, and I always have the same answer - Sony a5100. While there are newer versions, this one still delivers incredible photos & video for a lesser price. It's also small enough to carry around for long days of exploring than my larger DSLR cameras. Just make sure to purchase a case for it as well!

P.S. I'd choose nostalgia over wonder any day.

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