Paris or Bust: When Flight Delays Make Your Day

I don't need this to be long-winded, other than to say that yesterday was one of the best days OF MY LIFE. It started with me being told that my flight to Paris would be delayed 24 hours, which is just super ideal you know? There is almost nothing I'd rather hear after I just walked 3 terminals over with 200+ lbs of luggage and waiting in line for 30 July. It's hot in July. Since I was beyond prepared to get this flight over with, I was hesitant to even hear my options. The man at the counter asked me if I wanted to buy another ticket with another airline...for sure...that's why I purchased with a discounted airline in the first place! I'm being sassy, I know, but I promise I'll calm down. Keep reading.

They asked me if I'd like to be put up in a hotel room, with $50 worth of meal vouchers for dinner and breakfast the next day. I thought about my cozy apartment only a few miles away from the airport, and then I thought about a king-size bed, pool, fitness center, and free food. 

Needless to say, I hauled my 3 pieces of luggage to the shuttle, and decided I'm just going to milk this. At the very least, I can use this time to be productive and edit some photos or send some emails. Maybe order room service, watch a movie, but most definitely spend every minute in that hotel robe as humanly possible. My new friend Raul (shout out Raul) helped me up to my room, and told me alllll about the Santa Monica nightlife as if I was visiting from somewhere foreign. I just nodded and smiled, and nearly tripped over myself running after him in the hallway when I realized that I'm an adult now and adults tip bell boys. 

I walk into the hotel room, and a plane is literally landing onto the runway right outside my window, the timing was too perfect. The sun was streaming through the window, the room was colorful, I wasn't carrying my luggage anymore, and the best part—I had all the time in the world. 

My normal day-to-day routine often consists of early mornings, meetings, work, workouts, always somewhere to be or something to do, as I'm sure many people can relate to. As bummed as I was to have lost out on a day of my trip in Paris, I felt relaxed to know that my only to-do item was to kill time. Which, of course, since I'm me, would partially be killed by doing work. 

I don't mind being alone, at all. I actually prefer it. I love to be alone with my thoughts, and with my camera. Sometimes I just take pictures of my feet or the ceiling. I talk to myself, sing out loud, and FaceTime people when I get a little lonely. Maybe I'm weird, but I seriously love it.

Every small thing about the last day sort of worked together into this big, beautiful, metaphorical dream-like life lesson. As my girl @justlbby says, "Either it was a blessing, or either it was a lesson." Between Raul reminding me that LA is actually kind of a big deal, spending enough time being still to remember what I'm good at, or just ordering some really amazing fish tacos (for free at that!!!) and eating them by the pool, it was enough to make me be like, "Huh. That was definitely supposed to happen."

So here I am, about to take off for my actual flight to Paris (let's hope), feeling re-centered, weirdly relaxed, and ready for this trip. As a side note though, I think my days of flying budget airlines are OVA.

If you know me, you know I'll be posting. Keep up!