Miss Gretchen Kupferschmid

Shooting in Laguna Beach is something I definitely take for granted. Growing up in Orange County, I found myself constantly surrounded by nice neighborhoods and insanely beautiful beaches. 

Even though my college town, San Luis Obispo, and current city, Manhattan Beach, are equally beautiful, there's something about Laguna that (as a photographer) you cannot beat. 

Gretchen came all the way from Texas with her sweet momma bear to visit colleges, and decided to book her shoot with me while she was in Southern California! Sweet, smart and so so photogenic, Gretchen made my job way too easy. HOW CUTE IS THAT YELLOW DRESS? Gretchen said she got it at Revolve.

Also, note to self: no sneakers when shooting on the beach. The amount of sand I've smacked out of my vans since shooting at Table Rock is not okay.